Sidu Episode 634 On 10/01/2019 Publish By Derana TV |

Sidu Episode 634 On 10/01/2019 Publish By Derana TV

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Sidu Episode 634 On 10/01/2019

Sidu Episode 634 On 10/01/2019 | 2019.01.10 | 2019 01 10 | 2019,01,10 | 2019/01/10 | 2019-01-10 | 2019 01 10 | 2019 Jan 10 | 10/01/2019 | 2019 10 01 | 10 January 2019 (1:32 PM) | 2019.1.10 | 2019 1 10 Sidu Teledrama

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Sidu (634) 10-01-2019

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  • Risk of SENA affecting Paddy cultivations as well - (The Department of Agriculture says that the fall army worm, known as SENA caterpillar, could cause damages to paddy cultivations as well. Director General of the Department W.M.W.Weerakoon said that therefore, university students of agriculture faculties... )
  • Broad investigations in to the weapons haul found from Wanathawilluwa; Doubts if an Armed Gang was involved - (Investigations are been carried out to determine if an armed gang was involved in the incident where a stock of explosives were found from the Wanathawilluwa area. 4 persons were arrested during the raid. The suspects were arrested as part of the investigations... )
  • Pistol found from car which crashed in Wennappuwa killing 6 - (Hospital sources said that the condition of the 3 persons injured in the Wennappuwa car accident which killed 6, was critical. 2 are receiving treatment at the Negombo hospital while the other person was transferred to the Colombo National Hospital. A... )
  • Trump offers compromise to end government shutdown - (US President Donald Trump has set out new plans on his Mexican wall project to try to end a partial government shutdown lasting more than four weeks. President Trump, in a televised White House address yesterday, offered Democrats a compromise package... )
  • Central Bank warns of a malicious email - (Central Bank of Sri Lanka said information was received of a phishing attempt targeting mainly the financial institutions of Sri Lanka and the phishing emails appear to be sent from the Employees Provident Fund Department. The malicious emils are sent... )