Samanali Episode 34 On 05/03/2017 (05 Mar 2017) Telecast By Tv ITN

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Samanali Episode 34 On 05/03/2017

Samanali Episode 34 On 05/03/2017 | 2017.03.05 | 2017 03 05 | 2017,03,05 | 2017/03/05 | 2017-03-05 | 2017 03 05 | 2017 Mar 05 | 05/03/2017 | 2017 05 03 | 5 March 2017 (8:14 PM) | 2017.3.05 | 2017 3 05 Itn Tv Samanali Teledrama

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  • Twenty-two nabbed for taking narcotics to Sri Pada - (Hatton Police arrested 22 individuals who took narcotics to Sri Pada yesterday (Mar. 17). Police further said that suspects had narcotics including Kerala Cannabis at the time of arrest. The suspects have been identified as residents of Matale, Kurunegala,... )
  • Four nabbed for robbing jewellery shop - (Police have arrested four individuals who robbed a jewellery shop in Padukka. Police further said that the suspects had robbed the shop on January 29 by threatening the owner of the jewelery shop. The suspects have been arrested following CCTV recordings,... )
  • Three Wheel accident in Kotadeniyawa kills one person (Photos) - (A woman was killed in a three wheel accident while three others were injured when the three wheeler went off the road in Siringapatha area in Kotedeniyawa. It has been revealed that the accident has occurred since the driver fell asleep. The deceased... )
  • Three Wheel drivers to remove their meters - ( A group of three-wheeler drivers are attempting to remove their meters saying that they have not received a solution to a request made to increase fares due to the rising costs of spare parts. The National Three-Wheeler Association of Self-Employed... )
  • Police team to Agunakolapalassa in search of Kos Malli’s body - ( A team of officers from the Colombo Crimes Division is scheduled to visit Angunakolapalessa today in search of the body of Kos Malli whose decapitated head was found earlier in Keselwatta. A senior police officer in charge of Agunakolapalassa said... )