Rukshan Jayasekara 13/06/2016 Lagna Palapala

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Rukshan Jayasekara 13/06/2016

Rukshan Jayasekara 13/06/2016 | 2017.06.13 | 2017 06 13 | 2017,06,13 | 2017/06/13 | 2017-06-13 | 2017 06 13 | 2017 Jun 13 | 13/06/2017 | 2017 13 06 | 13 June 2017 (9:20 PM) | 2017.6.13 | 2017 6 13 Example Example Rukshan Jayasekara Lagna Palapala

Submitted by: Sirisara on 13 Jun 2017 (9:22 PM) | Rukshan Jayasekara 13 06 2016 Lagna Palapala

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Telecast Time: Every Weekend 09.00P.M. TO 09.30P.M

More Details: Former Ancestral Astrologer at Astrology sri lanka at Isisada AStrology research Institute

About Video: Rukshan Jayasekara Lagna Palapala And Sihina Palapala with Derana tv Manjula para Kiyana Tharuka and Hiru Tv Tharu Walalla.

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Rukshan Jayasekara 13/06/2016 Lagna Palapala

Rukshan Jayasekara Lagna Palapala And Sihina Palapala with Derana tv Manjula para Kiyana Tharuka and Hiru Tv Tharu Walalla.

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