Paba Episode 72 On 29/09/2017 ITN |

Paba Episode 72 On 29/09/2017 ITN

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Paba Episode 72 On 29/09/2017

Paba Episode 72 On 29/09/2017 | 2017.09.29 | 2017 09 29 | 2017,09,29 | 2017/09/29 | 2017-09-29 | 2017 09 29 | 2017 Sep 29 | 29/09/2017 | 2017 29 09 | 29 September 2017 (5:34 PM) | 2017.9.29 | 2017 9 29 Itn Tv ITN Paba Teledrama

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Paba Episode 72 On 29/09/2017 ITN

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  • Two arrested with drugs in possession in Cinnamon Gardens - (Two individuals have been arrested with Ice, Hashees and Kerala marijuana in possession. It has been reported that police seized 1 and half kilos of Kerala Marijuana, over 89 grams of hashees and 16.5 grams of Ice along with 4 hallucinogen tablets and... )
  • Train travel delayed - (The department of railways says, that all trains travelling from Colombo fort, will delay. A spokesperson for the department noted that the delay is experienced, due a failure in the signalling system. Action is currently being taken to restore the system. )
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  • The missing Agarapatana child found, after being abandoned - (Police have located the 2 year old who had been reported missing, in Hatton early this morning.  the two years old , Yadish Vidhurshan of Holbrook Estate in Agarapatana, Hatton is believed to have been abducted but then later abandoned by the road... )
  • The US analytical report on Mannar human bone fragments produced before Court - (The radiocarbon dating report on the human bone fragments found at the Mannar mass grave, carried out by a lad in the US, was produced before  Mannar Magistrate T Saravana-raja today. It has been reported that there remains one additional report... )