Isiwara Wedaduru Episode 90 On 25/04/2018 Rupavahini |

Isiwara Wedaduru Episode 90 On 25/04/2018 Rupavahini

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Isiwara Wedaduru Episode 90 On 25/04/2018

Isiwara Wedaduru Episode 90 On 25/04/2018 | 2018.04.25 | 2018 04 25 | 2018,04,25 | 2018/04/25 | 2018-04-25 | 2018 04 25 | 2018 Apr 25 | 25/04/2018 | 2018 25 04 | 25 April 2018 (4:09 PM) | 2018.4.25 | 2018 4 25 Rupavahini Isiwara Wedaduru Teledrama

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Isiwara Wedaduru (90) 22-04-2018

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Hiru News

  • Agricultural Department says fall Armyworm hit maize suitable for human consumption - (The Director-General of the Department of Agriculture, Dr WMW Wijekoon stated today that maize is not unsuitable for human consumption merely because the fall Armyworm is discovered on them. Addressing a media conference held in Gannoruwa today, he said... )
  • The deadlock that worries the Election Commission chairman - (The Election commission has advised the Joint Opposition to resolve the legal hurdles and seek court action to hold the provincial council election. MP Dinesh Gunawardana stated this after a group of Joint Opposition MPs had a meeting with the chairman... )
  • Explosives discovered from Puttalam - (A hoard of explosives was seized by the CID from a farm in the jungles of Wanathavillu in Putta   lam today. The raid was conducted on the information revealed by a suspect currently being in police custody. CID senior official stated that among... )
  • Another 1200 acres army held land to be released on Monday - (The Government has decided to release another 1 thousand 201 acres of land held by the Sri Lanka Army in Mulaitivu, Kilinochchi and Jaffna. These lands were held by the army on security reasons during the war. President’s Media Unit stated that... )
  • 70 students hospitalized following hornet attack - (70 students of Ballaketuwa Maha Vidyalaya in Ella were hospitalized after they were stung by hornets this morning. Police said a hornet nest was threatened while the students were playing in the school ground. However, hospital sources stated that the... )