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Hiru Abhiwandana 10/02/2017

Washi Gurukam

Hiru Abhiwandana 10/02/2017

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Hiru Abhiwandana 10/02/2017

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Hiru News

  • 5 suspects escape from Rambukkana police cell - ( Five suspects who were being held in custody on narcotic charges escaped from a Rambukkana police cell last night. Police said the five suspects distracted the police officer as he opened the cell and fled. The suspects have been identified as residents... )
  • SLPP states Mahinda has not quit the SLFP - ( MP Mahindananda Aluthgamage stated that former president Mahinda Rajapaksa has not quit the Sri Lanka Freedom Party. Addressing a media conference in Colombo this morning, he said that disciplinary action should be taken against the SLFP MPs who chose... )
  • President decides that SLFP MP’s who join the government will not be given ministerial portfolios - (President Maithripala Sirisena has decided to not grant ministerial posts to any SLFP MP’s who join the UNF government. The President made this known, during a meeting with the SLFP central committee last afternoon, that lasted almost two hours.... )
  • Shootings in Seeduwa and Beli-aththa - (2 shootings in Seeduwa and Beli- Aththa were reported in the last 24 hours. Police stated a 34 year old person was shot, at a club around 2.30 this morning in Seeduwa - -Liyanage-mulla. The injured victim was admitted to Negambo hospital. A 24 year old... )
  • 20 Ministers to take oaths later today - (UNP MP Ashok Abeysinghe stated that 20 government Ministers will be taking oaths as cabinet Ministers today. the MP said that the remaining ministers would be sworn in tomorrow.  UNF coalition leaders, Mano Ganeshan and Rishard Badi Udin and MP Malik... )