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Digvijaya Episode 27 On 14/04/2018 Sirasa TV

Washi Gurukam

Digvijaya Episode 27 On 14/04/2018

Digvijaya Episode 27 On 14/04/2018 | 2018.04.14 | 2018 04 14 | 2018,04,14 | 2018/04/14 | 2018-04-14 | 2018 04 14 | 2018 Apr 14 | 14/04/2018 | 2018 14 04 | 14 April 2018 (5:30 PM) | 2018.4.14 | 2018 4 14 Sirasa tv Digvijaya Sinhala Teledrama

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Digvijaya (27) 14-04-2018

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  • Chili powder attack on police at Dambulla - ( A chilli powder attack was unleashed on a group of policemen when they raided a narcotic racket being carried out in a shop at Inamaluwa in Dambulla today. Five policemen attached to the Dambulla district raid unit have been admitted to Dambulla hospital.... )
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