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  • Jason Donovan to appear on stage in Norwich - ( TV and stage star Jason Donovan appeared on stage in Norwich recently. He will also appear in the musical Million Dollar Quartet, which is inspired by the famous recording session between rock ‘n’ roll legends Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash,... )
  • Cyclone Mora hits Bangladesh with heavy wind and rain - (Cyclone Mora has hit Bangladesh, lashing the countrys south-eastern coast with heavy rain and winds. Authorities have been moving more than one million people to shelters. Parts of India and Myanmar are also expected to be affected. It comes after... )
  • Tiger Woods: Alcohol not involved in arrest - ( Golf star Tiger Woods says alcohol was not involved in his arrest while driving in Florida early on Monday. The player, who was charged with Driving Under the Influence, blamed an unexpected reaction to prescribed medication. He said that he understand... )
  • Relief provided to pay the loans obtained by the people who are currently affected from adverse weather - (The government has decided to provide a relief for those who are affected from adverse weather, when they setttle the personal or business laons obtained from State and Commercial Banks. The decision was taken yesterday in line with a meeting held in... )
  • Bangladesh tries to evacuate one million due to Cyclone Mora - ( Bangladeshi authorities are trying to evacuate up to a million people before a powerful cyclone makes landfall. The meteorological department says that Cyclone Mora is likely to hit the eastern coast early today. Port cities in the south-east have been... )

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