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Submitted by: Sirisara on 27 Mar 2016 (8:55 PM) | Sata Kapata 2016.03.27 | Sata Kapata 56

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  • N. Korea nuclear: White House calls Senate to briefing - (In an unusual move, the entire US Senate is being called to the White House for a briefing on North Korea. Washington has become increasingly concerned at North Korean missile and nuclear tests and threats to its neighbours and the US. The briefing, involving... )
  • Special programme to bring back Sri Lankans in South Korea - ( Foreign Employment Minister Talatha Atukorala said that a special programme had been prepared for bringing back the Sri Lankan employees to the country in case a war situation crops up in any way in the Korean peninsula. Currently about 26,000 Sri Lankans... )
  • An overnight protest carried out by Orugodawatta residents against the non-collection of garbage - ( People living in risk zones surrounding Meetotamulla garbage mount say that the offer of monthly compensation of 50,000-rupee for house rent over three months is not a solution to their problem. They pointed out that if they are given compensation that... )
  • New act within 2 months to safeguard higher education standards - ( Minister of Higher Education and Highways Lakshman Kiriella says that a new Act will be presented before parliament within the next two months with the objective of standardizing private universities. The Minister made the statement at a function held at... )
  • Rs. 7 million worth of heroin nabbed at the airport - ( A total of 708g of heroin that were smuggled into the country was taken into custody at the Katunayake Airport this morning. It is reported that a 40-year-old Pakistani national has attempted to smuggle the stock from Dubai. The illegal drugs were found... )

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