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  • Human Doll, Kristyna Martelli dies while undergoing another surgical procedure - (Kristyna Martelli, aka Human Blowup Doll has died while undergoing another plastic surgical procedure. Kristyna Martelli was a 23-year-old Instagram model known for her outrageous figure, with huge buxom breasts and wide hips.  It was reported that... )
  • Supreme Court decision regarding draft bill on new foreign exchange presented to the parliament soon - ( The Supreme Court announced today that the decision regarding the compliance of draft bill on new foreign exchange with the Constitution would be informed to the Speaker of the House soon. Currently, the draft bill has been submitted to the parliament... )
  • SF lokka gone missing (Photos) - ( Police has detained the luxury Jeep which was kidnapped by a group of individuals including Iron Ranasinghe alias S.F.Lokka who master planned the murder of Karate Champion Wasantha Soyza, yesterday from a house in Kurundakulama in Mihinthalaya. It has... )
  • More Organizers appointed for SLFP - ( More organizers are to be appointed for the SLFP’s seats with party organizers which have not been appointed yet. Speaking at a briefing held in Colombo today, State Minister of Finance remarked that the President instructed their party over appointing... )
  • Referendum needed to obtain public approval for governemnts agreements - Gammanpila - ( Pivithuru Hela urumaya remarks that the government should get the approval of public through a referendum before getting into agreements with India in due course. Chief Secretary of Pivithuru Hela Urumaya, MP Udaya Gammanpila made this remark at a media... )

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