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  • SLMC boycotts Harsha de Silva Committee meeting - ( The Sri Lanka Medical Council has decided to boycott today’s meeting scheduled to take place with the Committee headed by Dr. Harsha de Silva, which was appointed to look into the SAITM issue. A senior official of the SLMC stated that the Harsha... )
  • FCID to question Daisy Forrest - ( Colombo Chief Magistrate ordered Daisy Forrest, the Grand Mother of Yoshitha Rajapaksa, to give a statement to Financial Crimes Investigation division. The order was issued today (22). Police are investigating a case relating to an alleged acquiring... )
  • Kim Jong-un to test hydrogen bomb in Pacific Ocean after Donald Trump vowed to totally destroy North Korea - ( North Korea is planning to test a hydrogen bomb in the Pacific Ocean. North Koreas top diplomat said the country planned to test the bomb to fulfill Kim Jong uns vow to take the highest-level of hardline counter-measure in history against the US. The... )
  • Sri Lanka Cricket to assess Lahore security, before T20 match - ( The Chief Executive Officer of Sri Lanka Cricket, Ashley de Silva says a security team will be sent to Lahore, 2 weeks before the scheduled T20 in Lahore, to assess the security situation there. Sri Lanka and Pakistan are slated to play the 3rd T20 of... )
  • Halloween display sparks 911 calls in Tennessee - (A local US police department has urged people not to call 911 after reports that a man had been crushed by a garage door. The supposed victim in Greene County, Tennessee, turned out to be a scarily realistic, early Halloween decoration. The department... )

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