Puwath Adawwa 2015.12.31

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Submitted by: Sirisara on 31 Dec 2015 (8:47 PM) | Puwath Adawwa 2015.12.31

Description : Puwath Adawwa 2015.12.31, Puwath Adawwa 2015/12/31, Puwath Adawwa 2015-12-31, Puwath Adawwa 31/12/2015, Puwath Adawwa 31.12.2015, Puwath Adawwa 31-12-2015

Hiru News

  • One dead and 15 injured in Cincinnati nightclub - (One person has been killed and 15 injured in a shooting at a nightclub in Cincinnati, Ohio. At least two gunmen were involved in the incident at the Cameo Night Club, according to the Cincinnati Police Department. There was no indication the shooting... )
  • Son murders mother for delaying his food - (A son has beaten his mother to death using a rod at their residence in Batawala – Weligama this morning. The son had beaten his mother this morning as she had failed to provide his breakfast on time. The deceased mother is a 75 year old and it has... )
  • A change in the number of days Basil signed on the police book - (Member of the podu jana Peramuna, Former minister Basil Rajapaksa says that the number of dates he had signed on the police book has been changed. He stated this attending a public meeting held in Kotikawatta this morning. )
  • A new party from Mervin : Several conditions laid out for membership - (Former Minister Mervin Silva says that a new political party will be formed for the youth of the country in the future. Attending a media briefing held in Colombo he noted that there will be no room for bribery corruption or privileges in this party.... )
  • The agency which sent pilgrims to India where three died revealed to have violated regulations - (The ministry of Buddha Sasana says that it has been revealed that the travel agency which had organized a pilgrimage to India where three people died had violated all rules and regulations proceeded with the trip. A spokesperson for the ministry noted... )