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Hiru News

  • S.F.Lokka further remanded - (Murder suspect of Karate Wasantha, Eron Ranasinghe alias SF Lokka has been further remanded until the 9th of May. He was nabbed regarding a vehicle theft and he was ordered to be further remanded today when presented before the Anuradhapura Magistrate.... )
  • Motion against Sri Lankas readmission to the GSP Plus trade status defeated at EU Parliament - (European Union Parliament today has voted to defeat the motion against Sri Lankas readmission to the GSP Plus trade status by a majority number of votes of 317. According to the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Doctor Harsha De Silva, the motion has... )
  • Foreign Employment Bureau incurs brilliant profit - (Foreign Employment Bureau states that they have incurred a brilliant operating profit of Rs.1.2 billion during the period from last years month of March to this years March. Releasing a notice, the Bureau stated the profit has been increased this time... )
  • Trump gives Pentagon power to reset Iraq, Syria troop limits - ( President Donald Trump has given the military the authority to reset a confusing system of troop limits in Iraq and Syria that critics said allowed the White House to micro-manage battlefield decisions and ultimately obscured the real number of U.S.... )
  • Brad Pitts overnight visit with her kids - ( Brad Pitt had his first overnight visit with his children since Angelina Jolie filed for divorce. Brad reportedly had an overnight visit with his six children and the childrens nannies were also made available in case they were needed. It comes after... )

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