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  • Vehicle importers seek revision to vehicle leasing regulations - (Sri Lanka Vehicle Importers Association says they are planning to request the Finance Ministry to revise the existing vehicle leasing regulations, through the next budget. Its President, Ranjan Peiris said sale of vehicles have declined due to the present... )
  • Police yet to grill Sri Lankan doctor over Hyderabad kidney racket - ( India’s Deccan Chronicle today reported that sleuths of the Hyderabad Central Crime Station are yet to interrogate the Sri Lankan nephrologist, who was accused of doing 58 kidney transplantations with paid donors coming from Hyderabad, Nalgonda... )
  • Teacher among group arrested in Lunugamwehera Forest for treasure hunting - ( Wildlife officials arrested three persons who had entered the Lunugamwehera Forest Reserve illegally this morning (24). It was found that they had entered the forest for treasure hunting. The suspects had escaped from the area in a jeep after the wildlife... )
  • UVA defeats 20th Amendment - ( Proposed 20th Amendment to the constitution, which will facilitate holding of provincial council elections on the same day was defeated at the Uva Provincial Council today (24). Our correspondent said 12 councilors voted against the move while only 5... )
  • Australian court to hear dual citizen saga in October - (A dual citizenship saga that has gripped Australian politics for almost two months will not be tested in court until October. The court will decide whether seven MPs are ineligible to sit in parliament for potentially being dual citizens when they ran... )

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