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Hiru News

  • Power Generators in factories will be compulsory from tomorrow - Ministry of Power - ( Ministry of Power announcesn that use of generators in factories will be compulsory from tomorrow due to power shortage. Moreover, Rs.36 per generated power unit is to be paid. )
  • People brought for UNP May Day Rally by a rented train from Kurunegala - ( According to our correspondent, Deputy Minister of Transport and Chief Organizer of Kurunegala seat, Ashoka Abeysinghe has provided transport facilities for the people in Kurunegala to travel to Colombo and participate in UNP Mat Day Rally, by a rented... )
  • Dubai becomes first city to get its own Microsoft font - (Not content with having the worlds tallest building and biggest shopping centre, Dubai has become the first city to get its own font. The typeface, designed with Microsoft, comes in both Latin and Arabic script, and will be available in 23 languages.... )
  • Woman dies in an accident in Samanthurei - ( A 72 year old woman has died in an accident which took place near Sammugam School in Samanthurei-Akkareipattu road. Police said that the death has occurred as the deceased collided with a motorbike when crossing the road. The post mortem is to be held... )
  • Japan to send biggest warship to protect US supply vessel - (Japanese media report that Japan will dispatch its biggest warship, in the first such operation since it passed controversial laws expanding the role of its military. The helicopter carrier Izumo is escorting a US supply vessel heading to refuel the naval... )

Ada Derana News

  • Sri Lankan female tourist dies as Chennai cab takes a 20-foot plunge - (A Sri Lankan woman touring the city in Chennai was killed when the cab she was travelling in with her family plunged nearly 20 feet into the RBI subway at Parrys. The police said being a Sunday, there was relatively less traffic in the subway, else there would have been more casualties, the NIE reported. .)
  • Premadasa commemoration ceremony in Hultsdorf - (The commemoration ceremony, in memory of the former president, R. Premadasa began this morning (1), for the 24 consecutive year. . )
  • 235-Crore Satellite - (On May 5, the skies above the island of Sriharikota on the coast of the Bay of Bengal will light up with the launch of India's giant Geo-synchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV) rocket on its 11th mission as it lifts off with what is being billed as a message of peace like never before. . )
  • Father of two stoned to death in Lakshapana - (A father of two from the Lakshapana estate was stoned to death. . )
  • Accident leaves one dead and 11 in critical condition - (An accident near the four mile mark on the Mahiyangana - Bibile road claimed the life of one woman, while injuring 11 others. . )