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Submitted by: Sirisara on 31 Dec 2015 (8:58 PM) | Ada Derana News 2015.12.31 | TV Derana Lunch Time News

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  • Essential Services Act properly passed in parliament - (Speakers Office has announced that the provisions related to Essential Services Act have been properly passed in the Parliament.  A tense situation took place in the Parliament when passing this Act since the Opposition highly objected the Act. Accordingly,... )
  • OPPO to web you in an enchanting journey in association with SpiderMan: HomeComing - ( The ever-evolving Camera Phone brand OPPO has established an associationwith Sony Pictures on the much-awaited superhero movie, Spider-Man: HomeComing, in theaters from 08th July.   Sony Pictures and OPPO also brought their fans an interesting comedy... )
  • Arjuna Aloysius to provide user name and password of his mobile phone - (Bond Commission has ordered the owner of Perpetual Treasuries Limited, Arjuna Aloysius to reveal his apple account username and password he is being using since 2016. The order has been given after he refused to hand over his mobile phone. )
  • Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif resigns over Panama Papers verdict - (Nawaz Sharif has resigned as prime minister of Pakistan following a decision by the countrys Supreme Court to disqualify him from office. The ruling came after a probe into his familys wealth following the 2015 Panama Papers dump linking Sharifs... )
  • Ministry requests that electricity be used sparingly - ( The Ministry of  Power and Renewable Energy has requested that  the public use of electricity between 6.30pm and 1.30pm be done so sparingly. Ministry media spokesman Sulakshana Jayawardana stated that the generation of hydro power is being... )

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